I have played a strong leadership role for every project on which I have participated.  These roles include executive, product, and chief architect.  I have also played a strong development role in my earlier projects.  

This combined background allows me to provide a hands-on approach to most of my projects, permitting me to not only define how things are to be done, but to also mentor team members on implementation.

  1. Executive
    I have led teams in the role of both CIO and Vice President. In both cases, I have been responsible for contract negotiations, organizational processes, team building, and financials. Each organization I have led in an executive role has been acquired.
  2. Chief Architect
    My education includes a Master's degree in Computer Science, so my background is quite technical. I have played the role of chief architect on most projects I have led. My solutions are highly scalable, with my Sadad Payment Systems project exceeding over one billion transactions.
  3. Product Management
    My goal has to remain focused on the payments and billing industry, thus building a significant knowledge and experience in this field. As such, most organizations have recruited me primarily for my domain knowledge and given me responsibility for product definition.